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Informally formed in January of 2004, WillUBeThere.Com (WUBT) was originated as a marketing idea to catch the attention of partygoers right before the Texas Relays in Austin. The front of the original flyer was simply a black background with the website (www.willubethere.com) emblazoned in the middle along with a date. At that time, there was a basic website (it just housed a full copy of the flyer plus maybe some directions and miscellaneous information). Who knew that in just 2 weeks, the site would get thousands of hits and garner the attention of others in the industry both locally and nationally?

The idealists behind WUBT began their early roots with the DallasPeeps Family. There, they were given the opportunity to learn the business aspects of day to day operations as well as grow their own business concept to support any of their own ideas.

Reorganized in 2006, WUBT was able to stay relevant in today's market by successfully doing "one-off" events here and there (on a small scale). Slowly but surely, they were to build a stable following, and have now become one of the front-runners in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.

Some things take time, and I don't think most people are willing to dedicate the time that these two individuals are willing to encompass.

Chris Stribling is the "Face of the Franchise" while Damien Haltom is "The Man Behind the Scenes." Both operating as equal partners, they each bring a totally different finesse that keeps the business running successfully with minimal bumps and bruises. Chris is the Salesman. It's been said that he could probably "sell water to a whale." And, that's probably true. Never is he intimidated by any project large or small, and when it's "crunch time," he's surely the one that you'll want to close any deal. Damien, on the other hand, is totally different. Although he's a great orator as well, he generally defers to Chris and handles all the meticulous number-crunching and "what-ifs." Simply put: he's about checks and balances, and you can rest assured that any and every scenario has already been well-played in his mind. As a duo, the two feed off each other's energy and have quickly become one of Dallas Nightlife's better groups. Rest assured that these guys can and will get anything done for you!

Up Next
  • 12.22.11 - "GLASS Uptown Thursdays" @ GLASS (Uptown)
  • 12.23.11 - "The Eve of Eve" @ The Foundation Room (HOB)
  • 12.24.11 - "The 10 Spot" @ Hibashi (Addison)
  • 12.25.11 - "Twas the Night OF Christmas" @ Avenu (Uptown)
  • 12.31.11 - "B I T T E R S W E E T - NYE Celebration" @ Triniti Sky Lounge (Downtown)
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